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H.U.M.A.N.S Bloodless Black Sheep Chronicle 2: TEASER #2!!!

Hi All! Life has gotten in the way of the release of H.U.M.A.N.S 2 and I haven't had much of a chance to complete and finish it up...BUT I am working hard to do that now and get it out soon, so please enjoy this second teaser excerpt in the meantime!

***If you haven't already, make sure you've gotten H.U.M.A.N.S The Veiled World Chronicle 1! Before continuing on with the teaser!***




   The stalking figure came closer. Judging by the cold aura and blue tint throughout his body in my infrared vision, he had to be a high-ranking Nocturna Ascendant, one who commanded a vibe of aristocracy. That much was evident.
   It was bold of them to make personal appearances when they had so many thugs to expend in their place. I wondered why he would take the risks.
   The noxious scent was some sort of ether that was solely meant to weaken me in the assault. Now, I was slowly being surrounded.
“Kai, right?” He spoke coolly first, hands in his pockets.
I kept my eyes on him but I didn’t reply.
   The thug behind me roughly jerked me to my feet and supported my weight since I couldn’t stand on my own. I was forced to face the gorgeous, well-built royal Nocturna who was sauntering arrogantly towards me now. I had no control over my body and that scared me more than what these assholes may have had in mind. If these Nocturna had this level of magic skill, the ability to freeze time, I was completely screwed in more ways than one.
   The closer he came, the stronger my impulse to leap for and ravage his throat grew. I did my best to keep my mouth closed to keep my fangs concealed, but I couldn’t stop the hunger that made me begin to pant and hunger for a taste. The scent of his blood was incredibly savory and rich despite my attempt to hold my breath. My reflexes and natural instincts to defend and attack were battling fiercely to summon and regain even an ounce of control over my body for the feed.
   An undaunted grin slowly creased his flawless face once he stood barely six inches away and towered over me. The weight and intent of the hungry glare in his magenta eyes sized me up methodically as if I were helpless prey.
“I didn’t come to kill you.” He paused and smiled, “This time.”
Leaning down closer to my face, his cold index finger traced a delicate line around my lips. “That would be a tragic waste of a rare delicacy.” He whispered as if he were about to intimately kiss me.
   At the same time, his other hand came up and he splayed it on my chest just above my left breast. Mentally, I pictured myself jerking away from his molestation attempt but I couldn’t even will a single muscle in my body to respond and move.
   Instantly upon contact with my skin, an electric crackle of magic began to burn into my shoulder through my tank top. The spaghetti strap slid limply off my shoulder and I gasped, pressing my lips tightly together to silence the scream that automatically rose into my throat. I struggled against the searing sting and razor-sharp, serrated sensation that began to pierce through and grind deep into my flesh.
Though I couldn’t move anything, he made sure that I could feel every bit of the painful magic in his touch. Sadistic asshole.
“The Ascendant Garde knows exactly where to find your little . . . business establishment.”
He smirked with satisfaction when my eyes flicked up to meet his. Instantly, my pupils enlarged in reaction to the coming implied threat.
   The physical reaction is part of our automatic self-preservation and protective reflexes as Hunters . . . revving up for the fight and kill.
   The rising heat in me signified my sub-domina Guardian Tiger aggression awakening and getting ready to take over my already raging anger. My mouth twitched almost making me bare my cursed fangs in a hiss of challenge.
“That’s right, we also know all about your personal involvement in the execution of several personal court guards and an official Ascendant knight. Know that once you’ve managed to make it onto our radar, you remain. And if I’m not mistaken . . .” He grinned, “There aren’t many Hunters left, are there?” He smiled handsomely but it was twisted with anticipated cruelty.
   I wanted badly to head-butt him in the mouth just so he would stop talking. Though I hated to admit it, his words cut a traumatizing reminder deep into my soul.
He continued smugly after my silence satisfied him, “However, the current whereabouts of my sister remains a mystery. Since she’s been tracked to your little remote island, we’re certain that you know where she is. Remember my face because I promise that you’ll see me again. No one fucks with our family and lives.”
   His sister? The realization of who he was referring to suddenly slammed into me like a homing missile out of left field.
Nailah? This prick was Nailah’s brother? She never mentioned him.
   The more I studied him, the more prominent the regal family resemblance began to stand out. I couldn’t help but focus on his skin, which was as smooth as silk. It was pale, nearly translucent. The veins in his neck and arms were pronounced, pulsing with fresh brick-red human blood signifying that he must have just fed. My eyes were transfixed, wanting so badly to sink my teeth into one of those juicy veins . . . but not for the human blood racing through them.
For his.
“Don’t worry, I’ve long since memorized your face and the sound of your voice, too.” I replied nonchalantly, not giving into his attempt to intimidate me. I took that opportunity to scrutinize his face; every angle and hollow of his face, the luminous hue of his brilliant magenta irises, the sound of his voice, and the delicious aroma of his blood. He was hypnotically dazzling, making it easy for a human girl to fall captive under his spell. That undead power was how the Nocturna snagged their meals and lays.
   My reply was not what he expected and his confident smirk turned quickly into a hard-pressed frown. He got a full glimpse of my fangs when I spoke. His brow rose and a flash of light flickered in his eyes. I quickly pressed my lips together, hoping my fangs would naturally retract on their own before he made any kind of connection or assumption.
“Well now, that’s new and interesting.” He commented while staring at my mouth.
He brought a hand up and forced my lips apart. I tried to pull away from him but it was still no use. He marveled at my cursed fangs with suspicious curiosity.
“What kind of a Hunter are you?” He more asked himself than me as if he were trying to figure it out on his own. Though it was humid and warm outside, his breath was ice cold, frost puffing from between his lips with each word.
“The kind you don’t want to fuck with.” I stated curtly.

H.U.M.A.N.S Bloodless Black Sheep Chronicle 2---- Coming soon TBA!

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Divinity The Gathering Book One

Divinity Transcendence Book Two

Divinity Immolation Book Three

Divinity Realm of Annihilation Book Four

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                                                  Chapter 1

  “Stop it! You fuckers are all going to be sorry, just you wait! Let me DOWWWN!” A rabid, shrill voice screeched, followed by a lingering, “Owwww!”
The potty-mouthed, child-like voice was squealing loud enough to carry up into my apartment upstairs. Shortly after, laughter and taunting ensued.
I was abruptly pulled out of my deep sleep, not so much by the pleas for help, but from hunger pains.
Severe hunger pains.
    Though a huge ham steak, sunny-side up eggs and chorizo and potato hash with salsa was calling to me, it wasn’t what I found myself salivating for when my eyes fluttered open. And that’s when I became completely aware of the fang points against the inside of my bottom lip.
“Aaahhh! Don’t! KAI!” I heard that personal call for help this time through a hum of conversation and laughter. I rubbed my eyes and sat up in bed quickly.
What the hell? I grumbled as I hopped out of bed, dashing out out into the living room with robe in hand, and spying a hunched yellow ball of fur in the kitchen from my periphery. Twinkie was giving me the evil eye, crouched next to his empty food bowl.
“Yeah, yeah, you and me both.” I snapped. I slipped into my robe, pulling it closed around my waist once I hit the landing of the stairs. The pathetic squeaking was still underway.
“LET ME DOWN FROM HERE, DO YOU HEAR ME?” Blythe shouted in a hostile squeak. Even in her anger, her tone and appearance couldn’t be taken seriously.
“What’s going on down here?” I griped. Intense hunger irritating me more than anything else right now. Accusingly, my eyes traveled from Jax, Riza, Stone, and finally rested on Isis. 
    They all formed a circle beneath a floating and slowly spinning sequined and crystal- beaded doll in the center of the room. She could've been a disco ball if it weren't for her arms, legs, and head.
Blythe was being used as a piñata, and much to my non-surprise, Isis currently had the stick.
“Kai, help me! Please!” Her eyes were desperate. 
     Gnashing my teeth, my fangs nearly drawing blood from my own lip, I ran both of my hands through my hair in frustration. My body temperature was rising with the need to hunt Nocturna and feed. But where would I find any during the day though?
     Wait. I had some chilled in my fridge, courtesy of Gage. Okay, revving up to rage and bitch was slowly subsiding.
Jax coughed into his fist with an incoherent, “Nocturna alert." 
Then, he scratched the back of his neck with a slight nod in Isis's direction. "This was all her idea.” He confessed as he held his hands up and wrapped them around his neck and throat protectively. 
“You snitching dick!” Isis threw at him scathingly.
Jax’s side comment irked me. “Blood is blood, Jax. Don’t tempt me.” I cautioned him with a predatory glare.
     Yes, it was Isis’s magic no doubt, but I was positive that Jax’s encouragement fit in there somewhere.
     Without making eye contact, Riza quietly backed up and returned behind the bar to finish prepping for opening. Stone turned and strode towards the front entrance, whistling without so much as a glance over his shoulder at me.
Isis couldn’t walk away blameless from this even if Blythe weren’t being levitated by Sylph magic. 
“I’m heading to the docks to meet the delivery boat.” Jax threw up his hands in surrender before I could chew him out for his role in this.
“Yeah, you do that.” I suggested in agreement as he turned to walk away and head outside. Then, I glanced up at Blythe, “Other than the obvious, what’s going on?” 
Blythe’s tear-streaked porcelain face was nearly crimson and her large, teal eyes were glistening. When our eyes met, hers went full round with surprise conveying both confusion and fear.
    I sighed. Damn. She didn’t know about my newly acquired curse. My metamorphosis and acute thirst for Nocturna blood was conveniently bestowed upon me by a trespassing Nocturna that we were hunting a few months ago.
“We were just having a little fun. No harm done.” Isis grinned maliciously up at her.
“Bullshit! They were trying to kill me!” Blythe jabbed an accusing finger down at her.
“Oh cut the dramatics! When I said no flower doilies, glittery napkins in the shape of bunnies, and mushroom bouquets on the tables, I meant it! This is a bar, not a damned Fayri teahouse!” Isis’s words were hard and clipped.
    Blythe’s miniature physique began to descend slowly—at first.
Then, she suddenly hit the floor with a thud, pushing a sharp mew sound out of her in a rush of air. I felt horrible as I fought to stifle an instant chuckle with a hand clamped casually over my mouth.
    She promptly scrambled to her feet while batting the light dust off of her frilly and sequined apron. If Blythe was anything, it was definitely ornamental.
“Kai said I could do whatever I wanted to make the bar pretty!” She defended with her hands on her hips. Visually, I couldn’t take her seriously. I couldn’t even think straight anyway until I satiated my thirst.
    I strangely felt like I was scolding my own child when it came to Blythe. “No, I did not say that you could do whatever you wanted. Apparently, you misunderstood. I said to tend to the plants both inside and outside, and to keep the bar clean, which includes your mouth.” I clarified.
She shrugged. “Same thing. But you guys get to curse all the time.” She pointed out as she crossed her arms over her chest in a pout. 
    I bit my lip in annoyance, deciding at some point that I may just have to take her over my knee. The logic and attitude of a cocky and rude adult, and the face of a painted doll on the body of a three- year old just did not compute with me. Hell, I couldn’t give the valid, ‘Because we’re adults, that’s why,’ argument with her. According to Jewel, she was much older than most of us in years.
“Because it sounds all kinds of wrong when you do, Thumbelina.” Isis replied with one hand on her hip and the other twirling the piñata stick.
Blythe reared her skinny leg back to kick Isis in her shin, as if that would have hurt her, but I grabbed her by the back of her pony tail and tugged her backwards. She gasped, appalled.
“I can fire you as easily as I hired you. Do not get yourself banned permanently. No violence and no magic allowed in here, got it?” I pointed at her.
She frowned with a huff.
I looked at Isis then, “That goes for you too. You of all people know the rules.”
“No, the rules actually say, no magic or violence during business hours. We still have thirty minutes before opening.” Isis corrected me with a quick glance at her watch.
I narrowed my eyes at her and she smiled dutifully. Isis loves doing that to me. She’s lucky she’s my best friend.
    Blythe turned to me, expecting me to come down on Isis for her smart-assed response. Instead, she found herself staring up at my mouth in fascination.
“Why do you have fangs like the Nocturna, Kai? I thought you were a Hunter?” She finally decided to ask.
“I am. It’s a long story. I’m not what you think but I’m not afraid to use them either.” I warned her.

HUMANS: The Veiled World: Chronicle 2: Bloodless Black Sheep- Coming October 2016