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Monday, June 23, 2014

Books 1-3

The Final Installment of the Divinity Saga and other exciting news!!

Book Four, Divinity: Realm of Annihilation is currently underway. It is the last book in the saga, and will certainly be the longest compared to book one. Though it will be the final book, a prequel and a companion novel will also accompany the series. The companion novel, for any Cam fan's, will be his book, through his eyes before and after his fall, and when he first laid eyes on Starling. Also, I an currently working on a new trilogy, HUMANS, the first book will be out by the end of summer, enter the underground world of elementals and supernatural beings with a few new takes on traditionally known beings. I will be posting a teaser excerpt soon, so stay tuned!

Divinity Immolation Book Three