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I will never post bad or negative reviews! My personal feeling is that writing is an extremely arduous, passionate, and difficult thing to do. Each story is a part of its creator and I don't believe in creating a negative stigma, especially for a new or indie author, that leaves a negative image of their work. All that does is allow them no hope, room to improve, or desire to continue writing because when people read bad reviews, they will believe that all of their current and future works will be crap. Not everyone will like what you put out and that is fine but I don't believe in bashing, demolishing, or ridiculing for the simple sake of doing it. In any craft, we all have room to learn and improve no matter how much of a perfectionist one believes or thinks they are, trust me.

***I do apologize that my review page is currently still under construction. I am working to  establish a calendar and timeline for myself as I am also an actively writing author, too.***

That being said, if you'd like me to review your work, especially if you are an independent and new author in need of some reviews and ratings, do not hesitate to sign up and contact me with your book link. If I am interested, I will make it a point to purchase the book or if you would like to gift  or provide a copy, that would be excellent as well. I will definitely try to be fair and positive. I am a fan of and interested mainly in horror, fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal, supernatural, Gothic and dark fantasy genres. I will post reviews on my page here, Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble, or anywhere else you prefer if I am able to post it and then I will provide the links.

Here is my rating system:
5 Stars: It was amazing and extremely captivating. Highly recommend!
4 Stars: Great story! Loved it!
3 Stars:  It was good!

***Notice there are no 1 and 2 stars, I do not post negatively impacting reviews but I will offer positive pointers for those authors who are open to them.

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